About Flogas Enterprise

Our energy is different, and so are we.

At Flogas Enterprise (the division of Flogas that works with industrial and commercial customers and renewable energy producers), we will never stop looking for better ways to improve and help make your business energy more sustainable. We create long term relationships with our customers and deliver world class renewable energy solutions that work for them to help reduce their energy spend.

We are experts in energy and energy supply.

We don’t just supply energy. We support our customers transition to more sustainable energy sources through a process called Carbon kaizen and it’s how we can help your business continually take simple, sensible steps at your own pace.

From LED bulbs and boiler upgrades to increase efficiency and reduce waste, to bigger steps like switching to renewables, securing renewable certs, or committing to wind, Solar or AD projects; right through to the ultimate step of using your own on-site solar or wind supply.

We provide expert advice that helps our customers on their journey to becoming more sustainable.

Committed to reducing energy and consumption for over 20 years.

Since 2003, Flogas Enterprise (formerly Naturgy Ltd and Vayu Energy) has built a market-leading reputation for our expertise in the energy sector for our unparalleled level of product innovation matched with superior customer service and support.

We were previously known as Vayu Energy before 2016 when it became part of the Naturgy Group and is now part of the Flogas Group – a leading supplier of electricity, natural gas, and LPG on the island of Ireland with approximately 175,000 customers and is a wholly-owned subsidiary of DCC plc.

DCC is a leading international sales, marketing and support services group. DCC is incorporated in Ireland, listed on the London Stock Exchange and is a constituent of the FTSE 100.

Corporate and Socially Responsible

We have steadily gained a reputation for excellence within the industry. At Flogas Enterprise, above all, we pride ourselves on our relationship with our customers and we work hard to ensure that we continue to offer them the best possible products and services on the market by combining local knowledge with global expertise through our parent company.

Our Energy is Different.

Our mission is to bring an innovative approach to the energy market

Developing mutually beneficial and valued relationships between Flogas Enterprise, our customers, employees and partners in our chosen market sectors enables us to provide competitive, profitable solutions and to be recognised by customers and industry peers as a leader in service provision.

Customer focused
We want to be a better renewable energy partner, not just a different one, and that means building a trustworthy relationship with our customers.

We don’t supply, we collaborate
We are believers in an energy service that goes beyond the transaction. We want our customers to have an energy strategy that helps you set and achieve your budget and sustainable goals.

We think ahead
We are embracing the future of energy provision. We’ve moved from being a local supplier to a global one with a local feel.

We are agile
When a client comes to us with a great idea, we can pursue it. We can move quickly and make things happen.

We are pioneering
It’s part of our DNA to be at the forefront of change. We were the first independent supplier (Vayu Ltd) to be awarded gas shipping and supply licenses in Ireland following deregulation.

We are green
We give you options to help ‘green’ your energy use. We were the first supplier in Ireland of certified 100% green electricity to all our customers. We were the first supplier to supply biomethane (renewable gas) to our customers in Ireland. We were the first supplier in Ireland to sign a direct PPA with our Customer IKEA in 2013.

Trusted by businesses in all major sectors