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At Flogas Enterprise, we provide you with a route to market for your clean energy generation. We have been a trusted PPA off-taker in the Irish market for over 15 years, managing the entire process for generators and buyers, in a simple process for all.

We have the experience and access to a large pool of buyers looking to procure clean energy.

Corporate Power Purchase Agreements (CPPAs)

We set up our renewables department in 2010 and have been spearheading the renewable transition in Ireland ever since. Our Corporate Power Purchase Agreements (CPPAs) structure has simplified the connection between corporate energy customers and renewable energy off-take businesses.

Our energy experts completed the first direct Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) in Ireland in 2013 with IKEA Ireland. This partnership established us as a leading player in the PPA market, and we have continued to drive progress in this area ever since. Through our CPPAs we offer a direct buyer for your green energy, allowing industrial and commercial customers in Ireland to decarbonize their energy requirements by contracting directly with a clean energy provider like you.

We have designed a range of CPPA options, one of which is the Physical Sleeved CPPA, exemplified by our successful collaboration with companies such as Britvic (Ballygowan Water), Medtronic and Wavin.

This seamless integration provides our customers with green energy while diversifying the route to market for renewable developers.

A simplified and straight forward route to market for your clean energy

  • Renewable electricity & Biomethane

  • Corporate offtake

  • Financial CfD

  • Proven track record in ROI and NI

  • Long and short term off-take solutions

  • Corporate PPA (New Build)


  • Operational Facility (post-REFIT, merchant etc.)

  • Variable Pricing

  • Fixed Pricing (Corporate PPA)

From a dedicated, specialist trading team

  • Energy Commodities

  • Spot trading
  • Green Certificates
  • Balancing services

With unparalleled trading capabilities, we will get you the a fair price for your energy as a trusted off taker in both ROI and NI. Over our 15 years working with generators we have never missed a payment, reflecting our unwavering commitment to reliability and integrity.

Our company is not in the tariff-based domestic market, and we never take speculative positions on energy prices, meaning we always 100% pass through to our energy users the market pricing as it happens and we are not exposed ourselves. This has been a key strength in our stability, performance and growth the past few years during a particularly volatile energy pricing period.

We’re leading the way in the green energy space

With a PPA portfolio exceeding 250 MW, we have demonstrated our ability to facilitate the transition to renewable energy on a significant scale.

Join us as we continue to lead the way in the green energy space, providing innovative solutions and driving the transformation towards a sustainable and carbon-neutral future. Together, we can make a lasting impact and shape the energy landscape for generations to come.

…and we come with a lot of clout!

We were set up in 2003 as a challenger brand, we wanted to bring more to the energy market in Ireland and we have definitely done that. We were acquired by DCC in 2021 under the Flogas Ireland brand.

Flogas Enterprise Solutions Limited is a wholly owned subsidiary of DCC plc (“DCC”), a leading international sales, marketing and support services group. DCC is incorporated in Ireland, listed on the London Stock Exchange and is a constituent of the FTSE 100.

In its financial year ended 31 March 2022, DCC generated revenue of £17 billion. Further information in relation to DCC, demonstrating its financial strength as well as its technical and managerial capabilities and track record in the energy sector, can be found at www.dcc.ie and DCC’s 2022 annual report.

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