Powering your business with Natural Gas, Biomethane and Renewable Electricity*

Powering your business with sustainable energy

Flogas Enterprise

flogas enterprise - team ireland olympics

Flogas are proud to be the Official Energy Partner of Team Ireland for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games.

We are the division of Flogas that works with industrial and commercial customers and renewable energy producers.

We supply natural gas, renewable electricity, biomethane, a range of energy services; including Lighting as a Service, Solar as a Service, Solar PV and Corporate PPAs.

We also provide a route to market for renewable energy generators.

An energy supplier that is all about supporting the transition to more renewable energy sources

Since 2003, we’ve been supplying energy to large energy users in Ireland by powering their business for less, while together making progress towards a sustainable energy future in Ireland and beyond.

Committed to reducing energy and consumption

At Flogas Enterprise, we don’t just supply energy, we have developed a simple approach to support our customers to transition to more sustainable energy.

It’s called Carbon Kaizen and it means thinking and acting in ways that keep your business continually moving towards energy sustainability, helping you take simple, sensible steps at your own pace.

Simple steps like reducing energy usage, switching to renewable energy or buying direct from wind or solar projects.


*Flogas Enterprise is issued Guarantees of Origin (GoOs) for every megawatt hour (MWh) of generation that we have sourced from renewable electricity generators

Energy Supply Solutions

Natural Gas | Biomethane | 100% Renewable Electricity

Sustainability Services

Lighting as a Service | Solar PV | Compressed Natural Gas | CPPA | Energy Efficiency Projects

For Energy Producers

Bankable PPA Offtaker | Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) | Biomethane Producers

Customer first

Horseware has been a customer for over 10 years

Energy expertise that you can rely on

Our customers stay with us because they get the best energy supply offering, we have a team of passionate experts that continuously work to develop sustainable energy solutions that allow them to reduce their energy and help them transition to more sustainable energy fuel sources.

We are the division of Flogas that works with large industrial and commercial energy users.

If are you looking for Flogas Residential or Flogas Small business please visit www.flogas.ie

Flogas Enterpise is part of Flogas Ireland, a DCC Business.

DCC is a leading international sales, marketing and support services group. They provide solutions the world needs across three transformative sectors: energy, healthcare and technology; where they acquire, improve and grow diverse businesses.

They bring their growth mindset to their businesses in 22 countries across four continents, empowering 16,000 employees to create long term value – for their shareholders, customers, society and the planet. The world needs cleaner energy for everyone.

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