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Make your business more sustainable
with Solar PV Panels

Generate your own clean energy on your site with Solar PV Panels from Flogas Enterprise.

This allows you to generate clean energy from your building, reduce your energy bills and carbon footprint with Flogas Enterprise’s Solar PV Panels.

Reduce your energy costs and carbon emissions by generating electricity on-site

How Flogas Enterprise Solar offering works.

Solar from Flogas Enterprise allows your organisation to generate clean energy directly from solar panels mounted on your roof or land.





Full turnkey solution.

We will provide a full turnkey solution for a photovoltaic electricity generation solar panel at your facility. We are experts in renewable energy sources and offer a complete service. We will start by assessing your total energy requirements and then design a renewable energy system to maximise your onsite generation.

Delivering economic benefits.

  • Reduction of electricity bill and network consumption
  • Stability in the price of electricity single entity for energy consumption and generation
  • Energy Management of the Renewable Energy Generation Service in its facilities.

Business benefits

One supplier, one invoice, one energy company.
Once you sign up for Solar panels with Flogas Enterprise you will receive one monthly invoice.

Security of Supply
With so much uncertainty regarding the security of supply, you are covered as you generate your own energy on-site.

Solar system designed specifically to your consumption (load/profile)
Our systems are designed to maximise self-consumption and avoid oversized systems avoiding excessive costs with no additional benefits or value by using all the energy produced on-site.

Sustainability benefits

  • Care and protection of the environment through the generation of renewable energy.
  • Improvement of the energy rating of your facilities.
  • Reduction of the carbon footprint. Commitment to sustainability and improvement of your corporate reputation

We have helped businesses like yours manage their energy more efficiently and make progress towards a sustainable energy future.

“Ballygowan, Ireland’s iconic water brand, has a long history of harnessing the best of Ireland’s natural resources to deliver sustainable, locally produced, Irish natural mineral water. This new Corporate Power Purchase Agreement with Flogas Enterprise, valued at €2.5 million, will produce renewable electricity for our production facility in Newcastle West and is a significant investment in our long-term strategy to ensure 100% sustainability across Britvic Ireland’s business operations.”

Sian Young, Director of Sustainable Business, Britvic Ireland

“Our mission is to become carbon neutral by 2030 and this is an important step in cutting our carbon emissions. It will enable our business to become more sustainable and provide us with a long-term solution to our requirements. It also reflects our values and desire to do our part in the community to lead the way in responding to climate change. We are replacing our existing energy sources with sustainable, more environmentally friendly alternatives with the focus on a sole use of electricity from renewable energy sources.”

Paul Reilly, CEO, United Drug

“We are functioning in a time when large energy users have limited hedging options. In a volatile energy market, having a fixed price for the supply of electricity through a CPPA is not only good for the environment, but it is also great for budgeting. This solution was hedged at a price that is reflective of current market price level, but delivers budget certainty and sustainability benefits.”

John Rowland, Operations Director, Wavin Ireland

“Our partnership with Flogas Enterprise is a critical component of our ongoing cost efficiency strategy and will enable us to significantly reduce operating costs by shifting to natural gas as our main fuel source. It comes at an exciting time for our business on foot of our recent completion of a €15.7m capital investment programme, which has allowed us to achieve substantial gains in efficiencies and a significant increase our competitiveness. Not only does the deal provide our business with significant cost benefits through direct access to wholesale energy prices, but we are partnering with a company that has demonstrated a deep understanding and expertise of Ireland’s energy market.”

Arrabawn, Arrabawn

“Our investments in renewable energy not only help to reduce carbon dioxide emissions from our operations in Ireland, but also, together with our energy efficiency efforts, help to control our electricity costs so we can pass any benefits to our customers by continuing to offer high quality home furnishings at low prices. Companies, individuals or governments – we all have responsibility to address the resource dilemma and commit to a more sustainable future. Producing our own, affordable, renewable electricity gets us one step closer to becoming completely energy independent by 2020, while ensuring our commercial success”

Joanna Yarrow, Head of Sustainability, IKEA UK & Ireland

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