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Welcome to MyFlogas! Your one stop shop for billing and energy management. Where you can track to track both your gas and electricity usage figures. Our reporting and projection tools allow you to plan and forecast budgets for the coming year, review your capacity settings, as well as download your new and old invoices.

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+353 1 884 9400

Supplier of Green Energy in Ireland

Are you making a conscious effort to lower your business’ carbon footprint and interested in swapping your gas and electricity to a supplier of green energy in Ireland? If so, this is something that we will gladly help you with here at Flogas. Not only can our team provide you with expert advice in becoming more sustainable, but we can also supply you with a range of first-class green energy solutions that work for your business too. We look forward to helping you reduce your carbon footprint and your energy spend all at once. 

Why Switch to Flogas?

You may have previously known us as Vayu Energy until we became part of the multinational group, Flogas, back in 2016. The Flogas Group is present in more than 28 countries where it serves 18 million supply points, so you can confidently choose to switch to us knowing that you will be in experienced, capable hands. The impressive reputation we have gained for ourselves over our years in the industry should provide you with additional peace of mind too.  

Here at Flogas, we pride ourselves on being able to provide green energy in Ireland to large energy customers and we are passionate about continually improving our services to help our customers ‘green’ their business. We know that no matter how good our energy products and services currently are, they can always get better and our unparalleled level of product innovation will ensure that we continue to evolve so that your business will always benefit from the latest advancements in the industry. 

Why Choose a Supplier of Green Energy in Ireland?

Lots of businesses are making the swap to green energy in Ireland, you can read more about them and their energy journeys with us over on our website, and every year our large energy customers reduce emissions by the equivalent of 1,920 flights from Dublin to New York. Many of the businesses we work with are surprised by just how much of a difference this simple swap can make to both their carbon footprint and their energy bills. We can assure you that it is a great first step in the right direction. 

Not only are we able to supply you with renewable electricity that is certified as 100% renewable, but our expert team will also help you to create, develop and fulfil your renewable energy strategy too. When you choose us as your supplier of green energy in Ireland, you really will receive a comprehensive service and we will develop, in consultation with you, unique energy strategies that are specifically designed to give you long term value and make progress towards a sustainable future. 

Why not Contact Flogas today? 

When wanting to switch to a supplier of green energy in Ireland, it is fair to say that there is no better company to turn to than Flogas. We can assure you that we will work hard to ensure that we provide you with nothing but the best possible products and services on the market, so don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team today. You can call us directly on +353 1 884 9400 or alternatively, email us at and we will get back to you as soon as possible to assist in any way we’re able to.