Are you looking to power your business in a sustainable, renewable way? Have you been searching for renewable energy companies in Ireland, but had no luck so far? If this has been the case, then Flogas Enterprise is the company you’re looking for. Flogas Enterprise is a dedicated business energy supplier that supports clients to power their business for less, and help towards a greener, more sustainable future.

From natural gas and electricity to renewables and energy services, Flogas Enterprise provides a wide range of first-class services to industrial and commercial sectors in Ireland, Northern Ireland and the UK. Our renewable energy consultants are on-hand to guide you through your business’ sustainability journey as seamlessly and efficiently as possible – so that you’re consistently powered to achieve all your business goals and objectives.

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How Can Flogas Assist You?

Flogas Enterprise is proud to be one of the leading renewable energy companies in Ireland. We specialise in assisting large energy businesses make a forward-looking, proactive move towards energy sustainability. Alongside this, we also support generators of renewable energy by bringing their generated power directly to the market. We have a dedicated team of renewable energy experts, all of whom have world-class credentials and knowledge.

Above all, we’re committed to helping our clients get the optimum possible renewable energy solution, so that all of their requirements are met and they can positively contribute towards a sustainable energy future. With our long track record of collaborating with industry stakeholders, you can put your 100% trust and confidence in us for first-rate product and service.

Why Opt For On-site Renewable Energy?

There are a wide array of reasons why you should choose renewable energy. First of all, you will be able to generate your own electricity on site, so you can keep on top of all your energy costs and meet sustainability targets. Secondly, if you produce your own renewable energy, you can avoid hefty electricity transportation costs, giving you a saving of between 30 – 40% on your energy bills.

In addition, when you choose renewable energy you will be able to sell your surplus electricity generated back onto the electricity market. If you’d like to enquire with one of the top renewable energy companies in Ireland, contact Flogas today via the details below.

Get in Touch With Flogas Enterprise Today

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Our team is always here to help you, provide you with more details about our renewable energy services, and discuss your requirements in more depth. In the meantime, visit the Flogas Enterprise website to find out more about all of our products and services.