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If you are producing renewable energy and need a route to market, Flogas Enterprise can help you. We understand the complexities of renewable electricity projects; whether we are dealing with merchant projects, those that are still in REFIT or new projects seeking new routes to market such as RESS or corporate PPAs . Flogas Enterprise has a diverse portfolio of renewable projects, meaning we have experience in finding a route to market for your power. Whether you want to sell your renewable power into the grid, supply a specific user or sell biomethane, talk to us. Our industry expertise, local knowledge, competitive terms, and innovative approach mean that we are the ideal PPA partner for renewable generators. We have developed strong relationships with our portfolio of renewable developers over the last ten years, providing bankable routes to market across many technology types. We are also very familiar with the struggle of today’s biomethane generators to find a home for their output. Flogas are the first shipper of biomethane in Ireland.

Four Ways We Can Help Renewable Generators

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Operational Renewable Projects – Merchant PPAs

Your project has been around a long time, likely no longer in debt, and has exited a support scheme. At this stage, you want to maximise the post-debt earnings of the project.

The most effective way to do this is to maximise your energy market revenues. Flogas’s Renewables team is backed by its 24/7 trading desk dedicated to maximising your revenues across energy markets from Day Ahead right up to the real-time Balancing Market.

Flogas have a range of pricing options available including fully fixed to wholesale pass-through. We will tailor a price plan specific to your site to ensure you are achieving the best possible pricing.

To request an offer please fill out the form below and our Renewables team will follow up on your query.

Ross McConnell

Ross McConnell

Are you planning on generating renewable energy? We want to hear from you if you have plans to build renewable assets or are seeking investment in renewable assets. Please contact us or complete the questionnaire.

Download PPA Questionnaire

At Flogas Enterprise we have invested heavily in our trading capabilities in recent years.

We have a fully resourced trading desk providing direct access to the Day Ahead, Intraday, and Intraday Continuous markets, as well as wider access to GB Power Markets and the SEM Forwards Market.

Our trading expertise, combined with cutting-edge software and systems enables Flogas trading team to optimise the position of the generator and the large energy user in the energy market, providing maximum value for our customers.

RESS Renewable Electricity Support Scheme

Flogas has ample experience with PSO-supported electricity generation projects in the form of REFIT PPAs in the past. RESS brings with it some unfamiliar territory for Generators in the form of exposure to difference payments, the auction-based bidding process, performance, and bid bonds, among many other things.

Flogas can make this process as smooth as possible for you by providing bankable RESS PPAs. Having worked with most of the major lenders in the past, our brand is sure to give your lender confidence that you are dealing with a reputable PPA offtaker that has a track record of timely payment.

With regards RESS-2, Flogas are monitoring developments closely in this space, with the publication of the RESS-2 Terms and Conditions expected during summer 2021. If you are considering RESS-2 as a route to market, contact us today to see how we can support you and your project.

The first Renewable Energy Support Scheme (RESS-1) auction concluded in September 2020.

Flogas Enterprise works with various wind and solar developers as they develop trading and balancing solutions for their RESS 1 projects and support them with what route to market is best for them. 

Under RESS, in a manner like REFIT, the RESS generator is required to enter into a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) with a licenced supply entity (Supplier).  The subsidy payment is made via the Public Service Obligation Levy (PSO) to the Supplier.

Corporate PPAs

Flogas is well-positioned to act as the ‘matchmaker’ in the world of Corporate Power Purchase Agreements (CPPAs) due to our customer base consisting mainly of large energy users. We can match you, the energy generator, with a specific ‘Large Energy User’ who is typically looking to go above and beyond the standard green energy tariffs available in the market today.

This combination of price certainty with Flogas Enterprise market experience, trading expertise, and financial backing means you have certainty and security on your revenues for years to come.

Corporate Power Purchase Agreements (CPPAs)

CPPAs will play a key role in Ireland’s energy transition to 2030. CPPAs are a strategic focus of Flogas Enterprise and we feel we are uniquely positioned in this area given that we are an industrial and commercial energy supplier, an established PPA player in the market, and have the trading and forecasting capabilities.

If you are seeking a PPA, please contact our Renewables Team  at + 353 1 884 9400 or download our PPA questionnaire and send the completed document to

Ross McConnell

Ross McConnell

If you are seeking a PPA, please contact us or download our PPA questionnaire and send the completed document to us

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Download PPA Questionnaire

In the current environment, many large Irish businesses are looking to transition away from fossil fuels.  As the first shipper of biomethane in Ireland, we are experienced in finding a home for your biomethane.

The market is still in its infancy for biomethane generators. By working with Flogas Enterprise we will make sure you are not left behind as the biomethane market develops over the next few years.

We have been monitoring recent developments in the biomethane markets and have developed relationships with end-users & traders both nationally and internationally to give you the best chance at finding a counterparty who wants to procure your biomethane.

Why you can trust us to be the off-taker of your renewable power

We have a proven track record with a PPA (Power Purchase Agreement) portfolio of over 250MW and growing.

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We are active in both Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland and are familiar with a variety of support schemes.

We are experienced in setting up PPAs of various renewable technologies, such as Wind, Solar, Hydro, Biomass & Anaerobic Digestion (AD).

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We benefit from strong financial backing from The DCC Group, our parent company.

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We have a dedicated renewable energy team made up of market experts complemented by an extensive trading team.

We enjoy extensive power and gas trading capabilities. Our trading expertise combined with cutting edge software and systems enables Flogas Enterprise optimise the position of the generator, providing maximum value for our Generators.

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We are active in both Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland and are familiar with a variety of support schemes.

We have a customer-to-staff ratio of 1:10, ensuring our Generators get the best possible solutions and care, and we operate ISO-accredited quality management systems.

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Are you planning on generating renewable energy? We want to hear from you if you have plans to build renewable assets or are seeking investment in renewable assets. Please contact us or complete the questionnaire.


I am not surprised that other large customers are also seeing value in using Flogas Enterprise as their gas supplier. Flogas Enterprise seems to be doing all the right things to establish the company as a leader in this market.
John H. Rhodes, Global Category Manager for Energy, FMC
Vayu’s energy supply partnership with Dalata goes beyond the supply of natural gas. For example, Flogas Enterprise is installing smart metering across all our ROI hotel sites, which will enable us to view, manage and control all our hotel site’s energy consumption and costs like never before. Stephen Clarke
The availability of a flexible contract was a key deciding factor for College Proteins when considering switching our electricity provider. Since signing up to Vayu’s Electricity Tracker, we have benefitted from lower wholesale market prices and the savings have been considerable. Participation at the Electricity Auctions allowed us a further opportunity to secure power at competitive rates, which assists us in reducing our energy bills.
College Proteins