Energy Services

Verifying and reporting

The standard method for verifying an energy efficiency project is to review the energy use before and after project completion.  In Flogas Enterprise , our approach is different, we have found that realised energy savings often fall short of projected savings.  We use best practice international methods to structure reports that show evidence of savings that will provide confidence and trust in the process, so further expenditure on efficiency projects can be approved.

Energy Efficiency Obligation

Using less energy while maintaining output is our ultimate goal for our Customers.   The energy efficiency obligation scheme will bring about benefits to everyone in society through reduced energy demand while cutting their wholesale energy prices and reducing carbon emissions.

Flogas Enterprise Energy is an obligated partner so contact us today to see how we can help you.

We work closely and continuously with our Customer on their overall energy strategy to ensure that they are as energy efficient as they can be while maintaining the same  output.

Together, lets make it a better world.