Energy Efficiency
The total savings achieved by Flogas over 6 years is 173.9 GW/h

Four things we can do to help you improve your energy efficiency

Our customers tell us that time is the biggest limiting factor when it comes to getting energy efficiency projects done – you can see ways to improve your energy efficiency every day as you walk around the site, you just don’t always have time to do them. Imagine having a qualified energy expert on your premises once a month assessing, monitoring and advising you on energy conservation, based on a thorough knowledge of your business. Suddenly, reducing energy becomes very achievable.

We believe the more information you have the more efficiently you can manage your energy (gas and electricity). Talk to a member of the Flogas Enterprise team today to see how you can reduce your energy consumption, reduce costs and help the environment through energy management.

Upgrade to energy efficient LED lighting and save up to 70% on your lighting costs. Solas is a full, turnkey lighting solution for your business. This programme includes investment in your lights, design and fit to ensure maximum savings, plus reporting and ongoing management

Verifying and reporting

The standard method for verifying an energy efficiency project is to review the energy use before and after project completion.  In Flogas Enterprise , our approach is different, we have found that realised energy savings often fall short of projected savings.  We use best practice international methods to structure reports that show evidence of savings that will provide confidence and trust in the process, so further expenditure on efficiency projects can be approved.

Energy Efficiency Obligation

Using less energy while maintaining output is our ultimate goal for our Customers.   The energy efficiency obligation scheme will bring about benefits to everyone in society through reduced energy demand while cutting their wholesale energy prices and reducing carbon emissions.

Flogas Enterprise is an obligated partner so contact us today to see how we can help you.

We work closely and continuously with our Customer on their overall energy strategy to ensure that they are as energy efficient as they can be while maintaining the same  output.

Together, lets make it a better world.

A proven methodology to improve energy efficiency

Improving energy efficiency means using less energy to provide the same service with no loss of productivity. Flogas Enterprise is really big on helping companies become more energy efficient. We carry out a full energy audit of your business and provide you with clear recommendations to improve your energy efficiency.


Reduce consumption, increase efficiency, investment wrapped up in a flexible supply contract


Integrate multi-serviced supply contracts to deliver real value to customers

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Ring fence savings generated to create evergreen supply contracts

Wind Turbines in a field

Adding real value to existing supply contracts

Our Methodology

We use a proven methodology to help our customers managed their energy better.



Identify and evaluate an opportunity

colleagues looking at energy graphs


Select the project and make a business case



Implement and measure



Report and verify