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Flogas Enterprise's services are about more than energy supply. We are energy experts, on hand to help you transform how you use and source energy, to help you go green and to improve your bottom line, all under pinned by creating value for money to help you towards a sustainable energy future. Find out about our services on this page, or call us to talk about how we can help you.


Not only will we supply you with 100% renewable electricity, but we’ll also support you to create, develop and fulfil your renewable energy strategy.

If you generate your own power from renewables, we can provide a route to market by arranging PPAs (Power Purchase Agreements) for all or some of the renewable energy you produce.



Electricity Supply

What do you want from your electricity supplier? In our experience, you want value, flexibility, renewable options and reliability, and that’s what we deliver.

We start by understanding your usage profile so that we can suggest the most efficient way to manage your energy costs. We are proud of the fact that our electricity is 100% renewable.


Electricity Supply

Gas Supply

Flogas Enterprise supplies natural gas to large energy users across all sectors.  Our customers are at the heart of everything we do.  Our customers stay with us due to the service, support, flexibility, and innovative green solutions we provide for them.

Flogas Enterprise supplies natural gas to almost 20% of the industrial and commercial market in Ireland.


Gas Supply

Energy Services

Our energy services enable you to get a 360-degree-view of your energy use. Monitor your energy usage and target efficiencies, avoid currency exchange fluctuations, get the best advice around regulation and tariffs, customise the energy reports you receive, get face time with our energy analysts, and access energy market updates and training.


Energy Services

Energy Efficiency

Achieving energy efficiency is all about understanding energy and taking control. Our energy experts help you consume less energy with no adverse effect on productivity, cutting your costs by up to 20% and doing wonders for your green credentials in the process. We review your energy usage based on your specific business needs and make recommendations.


Energy Efficiency

Renewable Energy PPA Questionnaire



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All data is collected by Flogas in compliance with GDPR and the relevant Data Protection Acts. We will only use your data for the purposes to which it was collected. More details about our approach to data protection and how to opt-out of marketing are at

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Flogas Enterprise has provided us with the tools and knowledge to allow us better manage our sites. We nd that Vayu’s service offerings are different to other competitors in the market, and have provided real value for our company.
David Kelly, Operations Manager of Cemex Ireland
I am not surprised that other large customers are also seeing value in using Flogas Enterprise as their gas supplier. Flogas Enterprise seems to be doing all the right things to establish the company as a leader in this market.
John H. Rhodes, Global Category Manager for Energy, FMC
This is a great result. We are grateful to the Flogas Enterprise team involved in the process on our behalf. I know there was a lot of effort to get us to this point.
Roy Carey, Manufacturing Manager,Taconic