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Irish businesses could save up to 30% on transportation costs switching to CNG according to energy experts Flogas Enterprise

Compressed Natural Gas - Ciaran Gahan

With an increasing focus on climate change policies and the use of fossil fuels, the demand for cleaner, more affordable energy sources is growing and Irish businesses are being encouraged to look at the thriving natural gas market and Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) to fuel their fleet.

CNG is a clean, affordable, alternative fuel to diesel with studies showing the fuel can deliver cost reduction of up to 30% over diesel and a CO2 reduction of 25% in a commercial fleet. CNG is made by compressing natural gas to less than 1% of the volume it occupies at standard atmospheric pressure and is well established as a vehicle fuel globally. 

“The energy sector is constantly innovating itself and there is a gap in the large transport market for energy solutions for large commercial fleets”, said Ciaran Gahan, Flogas Enterprise

“Irish businesses should take advantage of the options and value that is available in the market such as CNG, which can significantly bring down transportation costs and reduce CO2 emissions.”

The natural gas market can also play a role in helping countries reach their emissions targets and this is of particular interest to Ireland as the country is failing to meet their 2020 emissions and energy targets as set out by the European Commission”, added Ciaran

A recent seminar hosted by commercial energy supplier Flogas Enterprise discussed the global shift to CNG and LNG in Europe and why they are replacing alternative fuel oils. The event, which was attended by some of the largest energy users in Ireland along with energy stakeholders, took place at the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland’s (SEAI) Energy Show.

Established in 2003, Flogas Enterprise supplies 20% of Ireland’s largest natural gas business users including Iarnród Éireann, Aer Lingus, DAA, Tesco, Virgin Media, Bulmers, and eir.