Flogas Enterprise launch new CPPA (Corporate Power Purchase Agreement) product; “CPPA Ready”, supporting customers on their net zero journey

  • CPPA Ready is a program that will educate users about the implementation of CPPAs
  • Purpose is to help deliver a full CPPA solution while guiding them every step on the way to purchasing renewable electricity directly from a renewable facility.
  • This service will support Flogas Enterprise customers on their net zero journey.
  • Flogas Enterprise are the only company in Ireland currently offering this service.

Flogas Enterprise (formerly Naturgy Ireland) has unveiled a brand new CPPA (Corporate Power Purchase Agreement) product, called “CPPA Ready”. A CPPA is a long-term contract under which a business agrees to purchase electricity directly from an energy generator.

CPPA Ready is a complete end-to-end program that starts by bringing users on the first steps of the CPPA journey, educating them about CPPAs. Then it guides users along every step of the way to helping them purchase renewable electricity directly from a renewable generation project and delivering the final CPPA solution.

Flogas Enterprise have been procuring renewable power through PPAs for more than 10 years in Ireland. The future of energy now lies in corporates entering their own CPPAs and Corporate Biomethane Purchase Agreements. Through the CPPA product, Flogas Enterprise will bring their expertise to customers to help them unlock the future of energy procurement with meaningful impact on the decarbonisation of energy supplies.

Speaking of the announcement, James Temple, Renewables Manager of Flogas Enterprise said: “We’re very excited to announce our new CPPA Ready program. One of our core missions here at Flogas Enterprise is to encourage a movement towards the decarbonisation of energy supplies. We also want to provide renewable developers with a route to corporate offtakers. This program will ultimately educate users about CPPAs, empower them to make positive changes regarding their energy consumption and deliver a full CPPA solution. We are the only company in Ireland offering an end-to-end fully packaged CPPA service at present and we look forward to seeing the positive impact that it will have on our customers.”

In December 2021, Naturgy Ireland rebranded as Flogas Enterprise after the successful acquisition by Flogas. It has long been a leading supplier of renewable electricity, natural gas and energy services to large energy users across Ireland, Northern Ireland and the UK, with a share of almost 17% of the industrial and commercial natural gas market. Business customers and large energy users can also be provided with renewable gas under the Flogas Enterprise brand.

Flogas Enterprise supplies natural gas, renewable electricity, compressed natural gas and more recently, a range of energy services that include Lighting-as-a-Service, Solar PV and corporate PPAs. For more information contact ppa@flogas.ie