Flogas Enterprise is dedicated to serving the industrial and commercial sector.  We offer a comprehensive range of energy products and services tailored specifically to meet the demands of large energy users. We take pride in supplying 100% renewable power, natural and biomethane gas, to support your transition to a more sustainable future. Our mission extends beyond simply delivering energy – we have developed a clear and effective approach called Carbon Kaizen to help your business achieve its energy sustainability goals.

Through Carbon Kaizen, we guide you towards continuous, tangible steps to improve your energy sustainability. Here are some of the ways we can support your organisation:

  1. Reducing energy waste and cost.
  2. Switching to cost-effective renewable power and natural or biomethane gas.
  3. Enabling your fleet to run on compressed biomethane gas.
  4. Facilitating the consumption of energy directly from renewable projects.
  5. Supporting the generation of your own power whenever possible.

To ensure exceptional service and support, we have assembled a highly skilled, customer-focused team of energy experts. With our unmatched customer-to-staff ratio of 1:10, you can rely on us to address your specific needs promptly and effectively. Furthermore, we offer a unique suite of energy procurement products complemented by a range of services, including:

  • 100% Renewable Electricity Supply, including Corporate PPAs.
  • Renewable Gas Supply (Biomethane) as an optional choice.
  • Energy Efficiency & Support Options.
  • Market Training.
  • Bespoke Procurement Strategies.
  • Consumption & Cost Reporting.
  • SEAI Obligated Energy Audits and detailed reporting.
  • S as a Service and Lighting as a Service.

We understand that considering a change in energy supply company can be a significant decision. If you are exploring new possibilities and would like to discuss your sustainability targets, we invite you to contact Flogas Enterprise at Marketingfes@flogas.ie. We would be delighted to arrange a meeting at a time that suits you, where we can delve into your requirements and tailor a solution to meet your specific needs.

To get a glimpse of our recent achievements and industry recognition, please find below a sample of our media coverage:

  1. Business Plus: (https://www.thinkbusiness.ie/articles/ballygowan-wind-energy/ – Ballygowan Goes Greener With 100% Wind Energy Deal.
  2. Irish Examiner: (https://www.irishexaminer.com/business/arid-41142913.html) – Medtronic signs deal to source half of electricity from Galway wind farm.
  3. ReNews: (https://renews.biz/81849/irish-energy-firm-signs-first-supplier-led-renewables-cppa/) Irish energy firm signs ‘first’ supplier-led renewables CPPA