• MyFlogas portal has been developed as a partnership between business energy provider Flogas and technology company Client Solutions.
  • The portal will allow Flogas customers to access billing information on a secure, self-service basis, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • MyFlogas service set to launch for Flogas Enterprise customers in September 2020.

Business energy supplier Flogas Enterprise are planning the launch of a new MyFlogas portal for their customers in September 2020, developed in collaboration with leading Irish technology company Client Solutions.

The portal will allow Flogas customers to easily access their most up to date energy usage data and billing information. MyFlogas will be accessible by customers online and has been developed to keep customer data completely secure.

Barry Murphy, Commercial Director of Flogas Enterprise said the MyFlogas portal represents the company’s continued commitment to excellence in customer service. 

’’Flogas Enterprise has always tried to offer our customers access to world class, expert teams in renewables and energy efficiency, supported by a customer-first approach. The ability to manage your billing information and monitor your energy usage online has become even more important in light of the Covid-19 pandemic, as many businesses are now working remotely.’’ 

In developing MyFlogas, Flogas Enterprise and Client Solutions worked in a highly agile manner to ensure the focus was delivering excellent customer service through a modern, well-designed. highly secure and easy to navigate portal where customers could be assured that their data was safe and accessible only by them.  Wayne Kelly, Technology Director for Flogas said that the portal will improve customer service and provide an easy way for customers to manage their accounts remotely.

“The MyFlogas portal is the result of a partnership we have with Client Solutions since late 2019. At that point, we developed the idea for a cutting-edge online platform where our customers could access their own data and billing information whenever they wanted and with the most user-friendly approach. We are very excited to roll MyFlogas out to our customers beginning in September 2020.’’ 

As Flogas has been a long-time user of the Microsoft technology stack, the team at Client Solutions proposed that they leverage their investment in Microsoft 365 as it natively provides a platform for building out and provisioning B2B portals. The MyFlogas portal utilises the Office 365 and Azure platform, SharePoint as the core business-to-business (B2B) extranet and provides secure authentication via Azure Active Directory and SharePoint Groups.

Some features of the MyFlogas portal include; site by site comparison capabilities, a section on energy market data, reports on energy consumption, a Maximum Import Capacity (MIC) analysis, historical electrical analysis reports and up to date electrical costs reporting. These features mean that Flogas’s large energy customers will always be on top of their energy usage.

The portal allows customers to login with their details at any time or place and manage their energy use allowing them much more control to identify periods, processes or changes that could have a big impact on their billing.

Leo Murphy, Sales Director of Client Solutions said the MyFlogas portal will transform how Flogas Enterprise engage with their customers.

 ’’The MyFlogas portal has been developed using the latest solutions to ensure the safety and security of customer information while creating an accessible, easy-to-use portal for Flogas Enterprise customers to monitor and manage their energy use.’’ 

We at Client Solutions are thrilled to have worked with Flogas Enterprise on this project. The architecture of MyFlogas combines the latest technological innovations in cloud productivity to provide Flogas customers with an unparalleled online service.