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Compressed Natural Gas for Vehicles

Compressed Natural Gas for Vehicles, constitutes a more economical and sustainable alternative to traditional fuels. Compressed Natural Gas is the same natural gas that is used in heating or hot water, but in special conditions of pressure and temperature (compressed natural gas) allows it to be used to fuel vehicles.

Benefits of Compressed Natural Gas (CNG)

  • Cleaner
    The chemical properties of CNG compared to diesel contain significantly less polluting and harmful substances such as nitrogen oxides and (CO2) that contribute to global warming.
  • Better Value
    CNG can offer significant savings compared to traditional transport fuels.
  • Proven
    CNG is a proven reliable technology that has been in existence for decades.
  • Lower Operational Cost
    The operational cost of vehicles running on CNG, as compared to those running on other fuels can be significantly lower.
  • Safety
    Natural gas dissipates in the environment in the event of a spill while flammable liquid fuels remains on site.
  • Subsidies
    Subsidies are available for the purchase of new CNG-powered trucks. 
  • Why Flogas Enterprise?
    We are energy experts.  We have the expertise in CNG, we have been fueling commercial transport for years.
  • Who is it for?
    For commercial truck fleets.
  • What Flogas Enterprise offer
    Flogas Enterprise can offer design, execution, and operation of natural gas filling stations for large commercial fleets.

Virginia Transport was one of the first hauliers in Ireland to complete a carbon-free journey from Ireland to France and Flogas were delighted to be part of this journey. Read more here: Compressed Natural Gas Journey from Cavan to Caen

For more information about compressed natural gas for your fleet contact: Ciaran Gahan at
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Energy Efficiency

A proven methodology to improve energy efficiency.

Improving energy efficiency means using less energy to provide the same services with no loss of productivity.  Flogas Enterprise is really big on helping companies become more energy efficient.

We use a proven methodology that has saved our customers thousands of euros on their energy bills.

Energy Efficiency

Risk Management and Procurement

Whether you have a defined risk strategy or need support in understanding your business’s risk profile, we will help define the best procurement strategy to fit.  We will advise you on the gas contracts and products and services in the marketplace that will help you manage risk more effectively.

Risk Management and Procurement

Currency Management

We know how important budget certainty is for your business.  At Flogas Enterprise, we have created a number of currency management products for our gas customers to help your business save money and minimise risk.

Flogas Enterprise Fix

Flogas Enterprise fix, the only product of it’s kind in Ireland, offers our gas customers a way to eliminate the risk associated with foreign exchange rates.  By fixing not only commodity price, but also the euro sterling/exchange rate, you can control your monthly bill.

Flogas Enterprise Duel Currency

Flogas’s Duel Currency product eliminates the currency risk associated with your gas bill by allowing you to pay in sterling as well as in euro.  As we source our gas in the UK, you may elect to pay the commodity portion of the bill in sterling (the charges will be billed in euro).

Currency Management

Technical and Regulatory Support

Flogas’s regulatory and technical expertise has helped shape the regulatory landscape in gas since we entered the market in 2003.  That expertise is available to our customers in the areas of: network connections (transmission and distribution), capacity management, meter management, commissioning of new gas and electricity sites and managing soft landings (negotiating no extra costs for breaches of Supply Point Capacity in the first 12 months).

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