Medical - Case Study

Compressed Dry Air Upgrade

Medical - Case Study

Large Medical Manufacturing Company

Our Customer is a leading manufacture and innovator of medical solutions. Their products and services improve the health of patients around the world.


It is estimated that the new arrangement will save the site 303,501 kWh of electrical consumption, which means a saving of circa €30,000 per annum.


This large manufacturing company had a number of compressed dry air compressors operating since 2001 on a full time basis (24/7). They had accumulated considerable running hours of approximately 55,000 hours, against expected life of 40,000 hours. The existing compressor and air dryer arrangement consumes 1,099,364 kWh per year of site electricity.


It was proposed that the company replace these units with a new air compressor and desiccant drier. These will become the lead providers of the compressed dry air for the site, in a more energy-efficient manner than at present.