In the highly specialised area of chemical production, FMC Corporation is a world leader. The company’s history dates back to 1883. It employs 5,500 people globally and generates $489 million in net income annually.


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The Issue

FMC was facing substantial capacity overrun charges. Because of its global footprint, the growing gap in EU-US energy costs was becoming a sizeable issue, as were the euro’s fall in value against sterling, and increasing tariffs and related costs in Ireland. Another important factor was the ambiguous and inflexible nature of the existing suppliers' contractual terms.

Vayu’s Solution

Through an active management proposal, and drawing on its experience in controlling budgets, reducing costs, and hitting energy-related targets, Vayu’s proposal would ensure that corporate sustainability initiatives would remain on track. The potential to reduce costs would be a core part of the solution, as would the customised, unambiguous contract.

Solution features:

  • Eliminate overrun capacity charges.
  • Deliver at transmission and distribution charges.
  • Provide transparency around currency exchange.
  • Offer concise clarity around regulations, policies, tariffs and all other externally controlled costs.


The solutions and active management provided by Flogas Enterprise mean that FMC now have confidence in their energy management strategy. FMC is eliminating capacity overrun charges, reducing energy costs and hitting targets in their UK and Irish plants.

The Future

Given the factors facing companies, from deregulation and increasing energy costs to the changing global marketplace, it can be a dif cult environment to navigate.

That’s why Flogas Enterprise is the outstanding choice for your energy partner.

Stephan Behan says that “Deregulation of the Irish energy market has been fundamental to the health of the Irish economy. It’s simple: increased competition translates into a higher level of transparency and service for every consumer.”


I am not surprised that other large customers are also seeing value in using Flogas Enterprise as their gas supplier. Flogas Enterprise seems to be doing all the right things to establish the company as a leader in this market.
John H. Rhodes, Global Category Manager for Energy, FMC