Since 1961 Taconic has been a driving force in advanced engineered composite materials, which it exports throughout Europe from its base in Mullingar. The company develops and manufactures a range of products for the foods, plastics, medical, packaging and automotive industries, among many others.

The Issue

A flawless transition was essential when Taconic decided to reduce costs by switching from LPG
to natural gas. They needed not just a supplier of natural gas, but a reliable partner to provide the best advice, training and regulatory support throughout the switchover.


Flogas's Solution

At Flogas Enterprise , we used our expertise to identify ideal capacity levels for Taconic during the initial soft landing period. Following this phase, we reviewed and successfully reduced capacity levels even further, to achieve optimum savings.

Solution features:

  • An extensive review, identifying annual capacity cost reductions of 32%
  • Customer support through the regulatory aspect of a new connection
  • Identification of recommendations to improve a number of areas of concern in the connection agreement



A superb return on Taconic's switchover, through an annual reduction in capacity costs by 32%.


The Future

Flogas's advice and expertise will continue to give Taconic a sustainable way to make significant capacity savings. Stephen Behan of Flogas Enterprise sums it up when he says that:

“It’s been very rewarding to work with Taconic during such a critical phase of their business. I’m looking forward to our relationship growing even more. We understand their energy requirements. We’ll continue to monitor their usage and develop products and solutions that suit their requirements. It’s what we do best.”


This is a great result. We are grateful to the Flogas Enterprise team involved in the process on our behalf. I know there was a lot of effort to get us to this point.
Roy Carey, Manufacturing Manager,Taconic