Does your organisation want to make clear progress towards net-zero and a greener sustainable future? Are you searching for green energy companies in Ireland to work with? Flogas Enterprise is the energy supplier to choose. We are experts in energy and energy supply, providing renewables, 100% renewable electricity, natural gas and energy management services. We will help decarbonise your energy and your fleet.

We work with large-scale energy users in Ireland and we have continued to build up a market-leading reputation since our beginnings in 2003. From our unrivalled product innovation to our excellent customer service and support, we’re the right choice in the energy market for all large industrial and commercial companies.

To make an enquiry into Flogas Enterprise’s green, sustainable energy-efficient solutions, call us today on +353 1 884 9400. We’re here to discuss your green sustainable energy requirements and find the optimal green energy source for your needs.

Renewable Energy Solutions

At Flogas Enterprise, we specialise in renewable energy solutions. Our team can assist large energy businesses based in Ireland move towards energy sustainability, or if you generate renewable energy, we’ll guide you to market – by helping you find a route for your generated power. We offer high-class expertise, and our team combines local knowledge with global insight. Our specialists endeavour to obtain the best possible green sustainable energy and net zero solutions from the renewable sources for every single customer.

Ultimately, we’re determined to guide our customers towards a sustainable energy future that benefits all stakeholders. Our solutions offer our customers a number of benefits including cost savings, helping them meet their sustainable targets. To discuss green sustainable energy in Ireland with one of the top green energy companies, please contact us today.

 We can answer all your queries, provide you with more information, and discuss your green sustainable energy requirements in more depth. You can also get in touch with us via email at and we will respond to you as soon as possible. To explore all of our clean sustainable energy solutions and energy resources in more depth – visit the Flogas Enterprise website today.