Solar Rooftop Panels for industrial and commercial companies

Solar PV for Industrial and Commercial Companies

Generate renewable energy from your building to benefit the environment and help reduce your energy bills.

Solar PV for Industrial and Commercial Companies


Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Panels allow you to generate renewable energy from your building benefiting not only the environment, but it will also help reduce your energy bills. The energy you consume will be renewable energy which cuts down on your greenhouse gas emissions and supports your organisation on its energy sustainability goals.

Flogas Enterprise has been supplying solar solutions to industrial and commercial customers in Ireland since 2020.  For example a customer of Flogas Enterprise has seen savings of €70,975 from 408 MWh from behind the meter solar, over a 12-month period, with a very impressive unit rate from the solar generation of €174/MWh.


Solar Rooftop Panels for industrial and commercial companies


Benefits to Your Business


Significant Carbon Footprint Reduction

Solar panels are a much more environmentally sustainable source of energy for your business, providing a significant reduction in grid source electricity usage which in turn reduces your company’s overall carbon footprint.

Energy Cost Savings

Reduce exposure to peak-time costs, with instant savings on your energy bills as you avoid importing energy, transmission and network charges, market charges and taxes (8 levies).

Turnkey supply and commissioning of solar PV system

Once you are happy to proceed with our proposal, we take care of everything, including the planning permission process and the installation of your new solar panels around a timescale that best suits your business.  

One supplier, one invoice, one energy company

Once you sign up for Solar panels with Flogas Enterprise you will receive one monthly invoice.

Security of supply

With so much uncertainty regarding the security of supply, you are covered as you generate your own energy on-site.

Solar system designed specifically to your consumption (load/profile)

Our systems are designed to maximise self-consumption and avoid oversized systems avoiding excessive costs with no additional benefits or value by using all the energy produced on-site.


Generating electricity from Solar PV

  • A solar electric system (PV) is typically made up of:
  • Solar panels on the roof, which generate DC (direct current – like in a battery).
  • An ‘Inverter’ which converts this to AC (alternating current – like the electricity in your buildings socket).


Solar PV systems generate electricity during daylight hours only, predominately around the middle of the day. In Ireland, around 75% is produced from May to September. It is desirable to maximise the amount of solar electricity you use in your organisation, this can be done by sizing the solar PV system to meet your exact demand.

Flogas Enterprise has developed clear and simple steps to ensure your business is continuously moving towards its sustainability goals. We call it Carbon Kaizen and it means identifying immediate and future steps your business can take towards a sustainable energy future. Step 6 – On-site generation – is our ultimate step on the Carbon Kaizen path for a reason.  It is the greenest and most impactful project one can do to mitigate Scope 2 GNG emissions, with an indisputable poof of reduced emissions. Installing your own renewable energy source on-site makes business and sustainability sense.


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