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Welcome to MyFlogas! Your one stop shop for billing and energy management. Where you can track to track both your gas and electricity usage figures. Our reporting and projection tools allow you to plan and forecast budgets for the coming year, review your capacity settings, as well as download your new and old invoices.

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Switching to Renewable Energy

Are you considering switching to renewable energy? Welcome to Flogas, experts in both energy and energy supplies, since 2003. We supply natural gas, electricity, renewables and energy management services to large energy users across Ireland, Northern Ireland and the UK. We are dedicated to reducing the impact we make on the environment and provide only the best for our clients with our reliable resources. Over the years, we have gone on to build strong relationships as well as the financial backing to gain a portfolio of 200MWs in PPA which is consistently growing, so you can trust that you are in good hands. Why not contact us today to see how you could switch to renewable energy?

A Brief Introduction to Flogas

Here at Flogas, we deliver innovative solutions that allow businesses to function smoothly using clean and dependable energy. Our team provides you with access to the best, full energy spectrum supply and advice which is tailored according to your specifications. Our renewable energy is supplied through the use of solar, biomass and wind. These are all natural sources that do not produce any greenhouse gases, or harmful substances that can damage the climate. We are a part of the Flogas Group, providing clients with local knowledge along with global expertise that is guaranteed to give you the results you need.

As a leading provider of renewable energy, we deliver ISO-accredited quality management systems that are unmatched by our competitors. We have a wealth of experience when it comes to setting up PPA’s for renewable technology. No matter how big or small your requests may be, our experts are sure to exceed all expectations and help you to remain eco-conscious at all times. By working with us, you can be sure to receive clean gas and electricity that you can count on for years to come.

Why is Renewable Energy Important?

Over the years, the environment has faced significant challenges due to man-made materials, factories and more. We aim to help businesses make the switch to renewable energy in order to not only reduce the drastic damages made on the climate, but also to reduce your bills and ultimately improve the way you do business. You can help create economical development, allowing more labour work for manufacturing and installations. Renewable energy is ideal for those in need of cutting edge electricity and generation, with contracts typically lasting from 3 to 15 years available at market leading prices, giving you the best value for your money.

How to get in Touch with Flogas

To discover more information on renewable energy, feel free to contact us today and we will be happy to arrange a consultation at your convenience. For any inquiries, please do not hesitate to call us on +353 1 884 9400 and our customer service team will be in touch to answer your questions. Alternatively, you can email us directly using and we can provide you with any further information you require.