Understanding the complexities of the wholesale gas market


This half-day intermediate course will introduce attendees to the more complex topics involved in the wholesale gas market. Get an in-depth understanding of technical areas such as capacity and transportation charges, as well as gaining insights into how FX and macroeconomics can have a significant impact on your energy procurement strategy.

This course is suitable for anyone involved with energy management, from Financial Controllers, Accountants, Procurement Managers, Energy and Facilities Managers to Managing Directors and CEO’s.

Modules Covered:

  • Gas Invoices explained
  • Capacity settings and Transportation costs
  • Foreign exchange (FX) and its impact on the gas costs
  • The NBP wholesale gas market – An analysts perspective
  • Procurement Strategies – Case Study analysis

This course will:

  • Provide detailed explanations of all key components of a gas invoice
  • Outline how your capacity settings and transportation costs are calculated
  • Explain how capacity overruns are calculated and ways in which they can be avoided
  • Illustrate the impact FX can have on gas costs
  • Share insights into how analysts look at the wholesale gas market and assess market fundamentals
  • Discuss implications of different procurement strategies through the use of case studies