Gas Market Essentials


This half-day introductory course will provide attendees with everything you need to know in order to understand how the wholesale gas market works, the structure of the market in Ireland and how all this can impact on your energy costs.

This course is suitable for anyone involved with energy management, from Financial Controllers, Accountants, Procurement Managers, Energy and Facilities Managers to Managing Directors and CEO’s.

Modules covered:

  • What is natural gas, where does it come from and how it is measured
  • The sources of natural gas from Europe to Ireland
  • The structure of the Irish gas market
  • Key factors impacting supply and demand of natural gas
  • The wholesale gas market and how it works

This course will:

  • Explain how natural gas is formed and how it is measured
  • Provide an overview of the structure of the gas market in Ireland, including who the key market participants are
  • Introduce you to the complexities of being connected to the gas network and associated costs
  • Illustrate where the key sources of natural gas are on a global scale
  • Explain the key fundamentals that impact on the price of natural gas and introduce attendees to how the wholesale gas market operates