Gas Invoices Explained


This half-day intermediate course will provide attendees with all the information they will need to understand every line item on your invoice. Go behind the scenes and take a look at where all pass-through charges come from, who they are paid to and why they are applied. Leave with the confidence to verify every item and charge on your monthly gas bill.

This course is suitable for anyone involved with energy management, from Financial Controllers, Accountants, Procurement Managers, Energy and Facilities Managers to Managing Directors and CEO’s.

Modules Covered:

  • Gas invoice explanation –every charge, line by line
  • How your MDQ and SPC are calculated and charged
  • How capacity overruns can occur and how they can be avoided
  • *Reconciliations
  • *Data Cleansing Invoices

*will be covered if relevant to the audience

This course will:

  • Outline the variables that can differ between gas consumers
  • Use an example throughout in order to explain each item on your invoice
  • Illustrate how your capacity setting is calculated and the impact a capacity overrun can have on your invoice
  • Explain how you can verify each pass-through charge on your invoice