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Flogas Enterprise offers a full suite of Electricity Solutions

Flogas Enterprise_Electricity_Supply

Did you know Flogas Enterprise (formerly Naturgy) offers a full suite of Electricity Products? We have 15 years experience supplying electricity to large energy users in Ireland.  We have the expertise to work out which electricity product is best for your organisation and which one will give you budget security, value, and flexibility.

How it Works

We will review your electricity portfolio based on previous consumption and your future electricity requirements and work with you to recommend the best electricity solution for your organisation.

Flogas Enterprise Electricity Products:

Flogas Enterprise Fix gives you budget certainty in line with your organisation’s requirements for up to 100% volume allows you to take advantage when there is value in the market.

Flogas Enterprise Elect allows you take advantage when there is value in the market and lock in baseload volumes for months and quarters to meet your budget requirements.

Flogas Enterprise Tracker allows you to float on the wholesale market and pay wholesale prices for your electricity at the time you are consuming power.

All our electricity is 100% renewable as verified by the CRU

Benefits to Flogas Enterprise Electricity Products:

Dedicated energy analysts monitoring YOUR energy portfolio
You choose the periods which you want to fix or float
Budget certainty in line with your organisation’s requirements
You can fix your electricity for any period and volume that suits you. i.e. winter / summer / quarterly / yearly.
Our team of experts will work with you to ensure you get the best electricity solution.

We also have so many options to take your electricity to the next stage if you are interested in a Corporate PPA, on-site generation, or energy reduction projects such as Lighting as a service. Learn more at Carbon Kaizen.

In our experience, wholesale prices with a volume baseload element is the best way to manage your electricity supply in 2022 & 2023

Contact Sam.osborne@flogas.ie to see how Flogas Enterprise can help you manage your energy portfolio.