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  • Maximum Daily Quantity (MDQ)

    The Maximum Daily Quantity is a measure of daily usage, measured in kilo watt hours. At the start of a contract this quantity and a monthly charge are agreed with the Customer.

  • What is the Transmission Charge and how is it calculated?

    The Transmission Charge is the charge in transporting gas through high pressure pipelines from the processing plants to the outskirts of urban areas. This is calculated using the Maximum Daily Quantity (MDQ)

  • What are Transportation Charges?

    Transportation charges are the cost of getting the gas from plants where the gas is processed to each Customer’s meter. The transportation charge is made up of 2 elements:

    • Transmission charge
    • Distribution charge

    To ensure our Customers have complete transparency we pass these costs on exactly as they are charged to us by Bord Gáis Networks.

  • What is Average Calorific Value?

    The Calorific Value measures the heating power from each cubic meter of gas and is measured in joules. Because no cubic meter of gas has exactly the same composition, the Average Calorific Value is calculated based on your monthly gas usage.

  • What is my GPRN?

    GPRN stands for Gas Point Registration Number. In addition to your SPRN every meter has a unique 7 digit number used to identify a gas meter connected to the gas network.

  • What is my SPRN?

    SPRN stands for Supply Point Registration Number. This is your unique Customer number and will be in top left hand corner of your bill.