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Chiller Set Point Temperature



Rottapharm (part of the Meda Group) was set up over 50 years ago and today is a leading research, development, manufacturing, global marketing and distribution company of branded clinically proven consumer healthcare products. The strength and recognition of its brands is supported by a continued focus on research and development and extensive clinical validation. They have introduced to the international market several new drugs, nutraceuticals and dermocosmetics representing important milestones in the treatment of specific diseases and for wellbeing maintenance.


The reduction in temperature for both chillers provided a perpetual cost saving by reducing energy consumption by over 31,000 kWh. The equipment was also able to work at a higher efficiency, reducing wastage.


A review of the chillers at the Rottapharm facility showed that their set point temperature was set too low during the cooler months, meaning the system was wasting energy cooling water to temperatures that were not needed.


The chilled water set point was increased from 6°C to 8°C after being approved by the quality department. The change in temperature was found to have little risk to the associated equipment and cost little or nothing to implement.