Medical - Case Study

Cooling Tower Variable Speed

Medical - Case Study

Large Medical Manufacturing Company

Our Customer is a leading manufacturer and innovator of medical solutions. Their products and services improve the health of patients around the world.


The Building Management System (BMS) will strive to achieve a return temperature to the chillers of 10°C and will modulate the fans up and down to achieve this set-point. This will give a much better level of control as the fan motors will only run at a speed that is proportional to the thermal load on the chillers.


This large manufacturing company currently has 3 water cooled chillers that reject their heat through 2 cooling towers. These towers are run as duty/standby, each tower contains 2 fans, which are driven by a 37kw motor.


It was proposed to install 2 variable speed drives that will allow for modulating control to the cooling tower.